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Ujung Kulon


On the Southwestern tip of West Java is a wildlife reserve of 51.000 hectares covering the Ujung Kulon peninsula and the nearby islands of Panaitan and Peucang. The reserve is a dense forest and is the home of the last surviving one-horned rhinoceros of which only 50 remain. Ujung Kulon is accessible by boat from Tanjung Lesung Beach Club and the closest departure point is at our Beach Club.


Ujung Kulon National Park, home of the one horned rhino situated at the southwestern part of Java island, in the administration of Pandeglang district regency of the Banten Province. Geograhically, it is situated just below 6 degrees latitude south and between 102 and 105 degrees longitude east.

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We can bring you to to the island of panaitan which you can play surfing at the one of the best place on the World.

Professionally organized guided excursions to the legendary Krakatau volcano, Ujung Kulon National Park, the secluded Baduy tribe, and to several other attraction show you the beauty of the newly established Banten province. Freshly caught seafood and other Indonesian dishes are served in the fisherman style beachfront restaurant, with a BBQ on the beach on your request.

An entry permit is needed, issued by the Forestry Service at Labuan. The dense forest provides a natural habitat for many species of rhinoceros, wild ox, deer, wild boar, panthers, crocodiles, snakes and birds. Visitors are only allowed to the buffer zone where rustic accomodation is available on Peucang island where towers are erected to be able to observe the animals undisturbed

Marine life in the surrounding seas is a kaleidoscope of colours. Beautiful sea gardens are found off Peucang and Panaitan islands and the south coast just below Tanjung Layar offer spectacular deep diving for scuba enthusiasts, although at present no scuba facilities in Ujung Kulon. On the western tip of the peninsula is a lighthouse by the Dutch which stands near the site of the ruins of old one. A stay of at least two day on the reserve is recommended where food provision should be taken a long. And we will handle it for your convenience. So why not immediatelly plan your trip and booking at our

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