Jet Ski Racing
You can race if you already expert to handle Jet Ski. It very easy to handle it. Just need few minutes training before you can run Jet Ski.
Sunset view from Jet Ski
You can see sunset from Jet Ski and file it in your memory forever.
Jet Ski, Kayak, Donut and Banana Boat
Enjoy your memorable time with some one you love at Sunda Straight Tanjung Lesung
All the equipment must be used with safety life jacket. So never forget to used it when you use all kind of water sport equipment at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.
You will never forget your time with some one you love when you ride Jet Ski at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.
Tanjung Lesung Beach Club jet ski can arrange more jet ski if you book in advance. So if you net more jet ski than available you can contact Mr Benny R.  As the manager in charge at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club he will do his best to full fill your requirement 
In the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club we keep our environment clean. For that role we hope from our guest to maintain the cleanliness of the environment around Tanjung Lesung Beach Club with no litter. Your accompaniment in keeping the environment clean in the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club greatly appreciated