Tanjung Lesung Beach Club

Paradise on the West Coast

Camping with style
At Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, you can stay over night at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club Camping Ground, for food Tanjung Lesung Beach Club have live stock ssea food for you to eat with reasonble price. If you want to take sea activities Tanjung Lesung Beach Club have Jet Ski, Glass Bottom Boat, Bananan Boat, Kayak ect to make you happy. You can stay at Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel & Resort.
We do camping like nobody else, dont take our word for it, try it out!
Come and stay at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club camping ground.
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What activities at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club?.
Jet Ski & Banana Boat
Glass Bottom Boat & Sea Kayak
Snorkeling & Sunset Trip
Ujung Kulon & Krakatau Trip
BBQ & Restaurant
Donut & Slipper Boat.

Come and camp
Tanjung Lesung Beach Club available for group to come and stay at tend.
Feel like when you still young as a parts of Boy's Scout.
You can bring your kid's to feel outside their bed room with comford facilities.

At Tanjung Lesung Beach Club you can swim and swim and swim at every moment you like.
We love camping and want to you to join in on the fun!