Ciputih Beach view
Since the beach is so clean you will like to swimm all day
Ciputih Beach
This white sand beach is about 800 meter long, so you dont have to worried  no room to play you can book via agoda
Ciputih Beach sand
Ciputih Beach Resort
Ciputih Beach Resort place to hide from your busiest day.
At the road to Ujung Kulon you can find Ciputih Beach Resort
No other place like this just jump from your room you already at the clear sea water with white sand surrounding you.
Any time you can go swimming at the sea without wooried with to many garbage.

White sand all lying at the sea bed with so many small crab make you forget your time.
Ciputih bungalow
view from room
Ciputih cottage available for you just in front of the beach..
Ciputih beach view from your room