Tanjung Lesung Beach Club

Everybody want to share about your experience at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club welcome to write here.
Indonesia is a paradise country consist of few big island and thousand of small island.
Bali is one of province in Indonesia from total 33 which already develop for tourism.
There are still many area not develop yet in Indonesia
Batu Hideung Beach
Batu Hidung Beach Tanjung Lesung just few km from Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. Its a black rock hill just behind the beach. Its name Batu ( rock ) Hideung ( black ) since the beach its hill made by black rock. It posible made also by Krakatoa Volcanoe eruption during 1883. 
Batu Hideung Beach

General Information:

Batu Hideung Beach is located in Pandeglang district, is one of the coastal area that have not been developed by Pandeglang regency. The beauty of the beach no doubt, located in the Sunda strait is the path of ship ocean liners from the sea of ​​Java to the Indian Ocean. The depth of the Sunda Strait reaches 3000 meters. White sand with black stone rocks cut down the beach and scattered so that in the name of the Batu Hideung Beach. Batu Hideung Beach is located not too far from Tanjung Lesung or Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. You just need more preparation to go there.


The location of the Batu Hideung Beach in Pandeglang district of Panimbang regency is only a few km from Tanjung Lesung Beach Club. Just like Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, Batu Hideung Beach is located on the edge of Sunda Strait. The clear sea water along the beach with the waves running around the rocks makes the mind calm. Located to the west of Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, Batu Hideung Beach is one of the attractive beaches on the west coast of Java Island.


The beauty of the Batu Hideung Beach no doubt. Just to see the blue sea of Sunda strait the same as the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club is a charm that will not be forgotten.
Batu Hideung Beach may be said to be uninhabited. The nearest village is not far away but that is only inhabited by few families of less than 20 families. But even if they meet they are quite friendly to visitors.  Well because almost no inhabitants, Batu Hideung Beach can be said still virgin untouched by investors from big city. Although according to some of my friends land here already owned by people from the city.
The calm beach atmosphere without any visitors becomes the main attraction. You can swim on the beach as it has it’s with the waves pounding the black stone rock.
Virginity beaches you can enjoy the atmosphere of shady trees and occasionally followed by a view of the ship that passes through the Sunda Strait. Coastal trash is usually a lot in big city town is almost not here. But you do not expect any hotels or inns let alone toilets and merchants. It may be said that the Batu Hideung Beach does not have it other than the farmers' hut shack in the hills behind the beach.
Just like the Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, the clear sea water, shady trees and the feel of the beach itself is the attraction of the Batu Hideung Beach orphanage.


Batu Hideung Beach although located adjacent to Tanjung Lesung and Tanjung Lesung Beach Club but minimal facilities. On the Batu Hideung Beach can be said there is no hotel, inn or toilet let alone a bathroom or a place to rinse after swimming at sea so you need to prepare for it.

 Some farmer huts on the hill may be available but make sure you ask for permission to occupy the hut to avoid unwanted things.

If you want to camp you should bring your own equipment. Not like at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club with camping facilities available there. Here you should be ready with your camping equipment.
If at Tanjung Lesung Beach Club all facilities are available. To visit the Batu Hideung Beach if you do not bother to bother with all sorts of equipment needed just contact the local guide I recommend that Endang at his WA  No 0819-1058-8826  or 0813-1472-20459.


To reach the location of Batu Hideung Beach if you depart from Tanjung Lesung or Tanjung Lesung Beach Club you can do with cycling or even use the motor. But you can try your body resistance, you can while walking or running to the Batu Hideung Beach.

Suppose you are not staying overnight in Tanjung Lesung or Tanjung Lesung Beach Club you need to calculate your travel time from your hometown.

Driving MPV or SUV vehicles is highly recommended. If possible use an all four wheel drive vehicle.

If you use public transportation from Jakarta, Serang or Pandeglang, you can take a public transportation to Labuan. Arriving in Labuan you change the public transport from Labuan to Cibaliung and do not forget to ask the diver to drop you at Citeurep.
Ask the public driver to drop you at Citeurep you can hire a motorcycle taxi or you can contact Endang at his WA 0819-1058-8826  or 0813-1472-20459 to ask him to take care your next travel to Batu Hideung Beach or to Tanjung Lesung, Tanjung Lesung Beach Club or other beach you want to go.

Suggestions and tips
I recommend before visiting the beaches or tourist attractions with inadequate facilities you need to prepare yourself with various information and equipment that needs to be prepared.

The availability of sufficient drinking water along with food and wet tissue you need to prepare because the nearest place is Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.
To capture the moment of your excitement on the beach do not forget to set up a camera or mobile phone so that your beautiful moment is not lost.
If possible you should also bring with medicines as well as antiseptic drugs especially for wounds caused by corals or rocks. Remember the nearest place to get first aid only at Tanjung Lesung or Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.

Map Locatio​n

At the picture is available map showing the location of Batu Hideung Beach, make sure you reach the front gate of Tanjung Lesung before you reach Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.

The leftmost path is the road leading to the Batu Hideung Beach. Do not enter the gate of Tanjung Lesung because it is the road to Tanjung Lesung Beach Club.

If our map location picture not big enough you can look at the google map.

You type the word Tanjung Lesung or Tanjung Lesung Beach Club, or Kalicaa villa or Tanjung Lesung resort and match it with the map I have included.

I hope you can take advantage of the beach information of Tanjung Lesung Beach Club and other attractive beaches in the Indonesian archipelago.

Once again if you have difficulty at surrounding Tanjung Lesung Beach Club please feel free to contact Endang at his WA 0819-1058-8826  or 0813-1472-20459 he will like to help you with any information’s you need.